Friday, November 20, 2015


Today I would like to talk about some inventions that changed the world. We use many things everyday that we take for-granted. If it where not for engineers creating many new and improved inventions, our lives would be much harder. Think about all the inventions we use every day, and then take them away. What would this world look like?

Lets start with a device that you use every day. Imagine your life without your smart phone. How long could you last without looking on Twitter or Instagram? The phones that we have in our pockets today are stronger than the computer that put the first man ever on the moon. How much does technology and updating technology actually help us in the everyday life ("Understanding")? Cars are a very big portion of technology that we use every day. They help us move from place to place without breaking a sweat. It took many engineers many hours to create the first internal combustion engine. The time that they put into the engine has payed off as many people rely on cars and trucks to move many materials from place to place ("Inventors").

As a child I always wanted to get the best and fastest phones and cars. I did not understand how much work actually went into making something as what i thought was simple. Ideas are easy to create, but inventing your idea is probably the hardest thing you will ever do. An invention is as simple as you make it.

In conclusion, Inventions can change the world. No matter how small you may think it is it could go much farther. When Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone I do not think that he thought it would go this far. Who knew how powerful these little devices could be. Next time I would like to talk about the struggles of becoming a Mechatronics Engineer.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mechatronics as a Job

Today I will talk about what the daily life a Mechatronics Engineer looks like. Every Mechatronics majors day is different than the other. Mechatronics Engineering is a combination of almost all the kinds of engineering. In the field that I am going into I will be working a lot on cars and computers.

The word Mechatronics is a combination of the two words mechanical and electrical. In this field of engineering devices are created as "smart devices". These smart devices/objects could be something as simple as the navigation systems in peoples cars that they use every day. People take devices such as those for granted until they need them most. As a Mechatronics Engineer the navigation system in peoples cars could be what the main project could be. From making the software faster to increasing the accuracy of the device.(NC) As bizarre as people may think that having WiFi in their cars is; It is possible to have WiFi in cars. A Mechatronics Engineer had to figure out how to design the car to be able to have WiFi. The car company Chevrolet has put wireless internet in many of there cars, and it was a success.(Resources)

As a child everyone has that one idea/invention that they want to create. No matter how silly that idea is, that idea can become reality. Who would have every thought that a car would have wireless internet, or a navigation system. All these things such as BMW's crash proof car where once a dream ( With engineering people can create anything they want to.

I conclusion, working in the engineering field is hard, but it is worth the work and effort in the end. Imagine how many life could be saved just from one invention. Working hard and not giving up is what people need to do to become great inventors and life changers. Next week i will talk about people who invented devices and programs that changed the world.
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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Startng a Company

Today I would like to talk about making a company that I could own. What are some challenges that I would have to cross? What risks am I going to have to take? Where do I even go to start making my business? I am going to try to find out all the things that need to do to start my own business

Starting a company can be made easier using At this website they help people with everything they need. The best paid section of Mechatronics is in the electrical department. The kind of company that I would like to make is a automotive company. The real challenging part of making a company is finding enough money to buy a car shop and all the equipment to run the shop. It could be very risky starting a business, because if the company where to fail then the money would be gone. The normal amount that people pay to buy a shop is around $80,000. Starting a business would be a risky and challenging job.

As i get older I am trying to find out as many things as i can about retailing. If I would get ripped off trying to buy a car shop on a budget then I would have to make the money back, so that I could afford everything I need. Starting a business would be hard at first, but once you become successful it would be worth it. I really hope that I could afford to create my own business.

In conclusion, making my own business would be hard but worth it. It will not be easy, but if you don't give up you can do it. Finding a people to help me start my company would also be a challenge. Next week I will talk about what work as a Mechatronics looks like.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Jobs for Mechatronics

Today I want to talk about what company I could go work for, and what field in engineering they need. Mechatronic Engineering is a mixture of more than one type of engineering. Different types of engineering get different amounts of money. Mechatronic Engineering program also has many jobs that work with more than one kind of engineering at once. This is why it is called Mechatronic Engineering.

"Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of engineering that includes a combination of systems engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering, control engineering and computer engineering." If a company is looking for an engineer it would be easier to find a Mechatronics major rather than looking for a person with the kinds of engineering they need. A good company to work for would be Senior Electronics Engineer. This company pays anywhere from 120,000 to 175,000 dollars a year. In this job workers need to have the ability to work on the cars mechanics and its electrical needs.

Since I was a child I really like putting things together from legos to puzzles i never want to put them down. I also really liked electronics. I used to love to play with remote control cars. This job would be great for me, because I like cars and i love working on them. Putting things together is hard work, but it is worth it in the end. When I see the end result i'm happy for what I have done.

In conclusion, the company that I could work for after I finish college would be Senior Electronics Engineer. The job pays well and is a job that i would enjoy doing. In this job I will need to be able to work with cars and computers. Next week i will talk about how i could make my own company. Also what challenges i would have making my company.


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Friday, September 25, 2015

Mechatronic Programs

Now that I know what college I want to go to I want to know what classes I need to take. How many years will i have to go to school to get my degree? What do i have to do to become a Mechatronic Engineer.

What is a Mechatronic Engineer? A Mechatronic Engineer is a combination of systems, mechanical, electrical, telecommunications, control, and computer engineering. Mechatronic Engineering is a mixture of many engineering courses into on. As an engineer it is possible to start working as a student. The engineering program takes anywhere from two to four years to complete. To get the bachelor in Mechatronic Engineering you need a total of four years in school. To get a masters degree I would need some extra projects before graduating.

I would love to work for a company that pays well. The median salary of a Mechatronic Engineer in the electrical field is around 90,000 dollars a year. I would not mind working hard in school to get 90,000 dollars a year. It is also estimated that from the year 2012 to 2022 Mechatronic Engineers employment will increase 5 percent more than now.

In conclusion Mechatronic Engineering is the choice for me. They get payed very well at a median salary. Yes, it will be hard to finish college, but it will be worth it in the end. Next week i will be taking about where i could be working when i finish going to college. Also what is the main goal of the company that i would work for.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The college that i want to go to is Tennessee Technological University

The topic that i am researching this week is what college i am going to. Tennessee Tech University is the college that i want to got to. The college is close to home and not that expensive. The college is voted top three best valued colleges in Tennessee. Tennessee Tech was also voted the best south eastern college from 2005-2014.

Tennessee tech was ranked top college in the southeastern pert of America. Princeton voted Tennessee Tech has the best price for the amount of education. My brother and sister go to Tech for computer engineering. This college i know for the engineering. Tech also got one of the top voted colleges for business in 2012.

Tennessee Tech is a good college for me. The college is close to home to where i can visit every weekend. The college is also at the right price range for me. since I am in state i don't have to pay as much as if i where out of state. My brother and sister also go there so i could room with them.

Tennessee Tech is the college for me.  It is close to home, and is well priced. The college is also rated very well. I could room with my brother and sister, so I already have a place to stay at. Tennessee Tech is the best college I could find.